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Nothing like G.M. Hopkins, but still.

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Is there beauty left on the earth?

Why are we reading if not in hope that the writer will magnify and dramatize our days, will illuminate and inspire us with wisdom, courage, and the possibility of meaningfulness, and will press upon our minds the deepest mysteries, so that we may feel again their majesty and power?

Annie Dllard

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Christmas Calls Us on a Journey to Bethlehem

It’s 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Are you willing to make the journey to see God in the flesh? “Isn’t there anyone who can tell me what Christmas is all about?” That’s the famous question Charlie Brown asks at … Read More

A Truce for the Fourth of July

Image by: Architect of the Capitol via Wikimedia Commons God knows, we’ve fought enough these past few years — but for one night, we make a truce. A poem. As darkness settles over the land,we gather above the wide river —some thousands … Read More

What My Grandfather Said About the War

My grandfather didn’t like to talk about the war,but if you asked, he would share this story. On a cold April morning just outside Monte Casino,he walks into a field, dry stalks breaking under his feet.His living breath makes small … Read More

Reading Lists

AAA Book Club The AAA Book Club is a men’s book club that has been meeting…well, just about forever, but at least since I joined in 2006. We only read nonfiction. The “AAA” stands for affordable, accessible, and…what? No one … Read More

Spring Harvest

A poem. I have come here to harvest humusfrom the rotten bottom of the compostI left by the apple tree last fall. Raking away the shrouding cover of dry leaves reveals the dark heart of newborn earth. Leaning into the spade, I slice through the … Read More


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