Waking Up Bees

waking-up-beesSaint Mary’s Press, May 1, 1999 | Juvenile Nonfiction | 168 pages
Engaging and true-to-life, these ten short stories vividly portray people who are wrestling with important life issues–love, work, money, suffering, communication, vocation, and more. Written from a young person’s viewpoint, the stories offer in-depth material for reflecting on the meaning and practice of the Christian life. Lacey escapes spending a drunken night in a Tijuana jail only to be shaken up the next morning by encounters with a world he has never known. Scott and Emily have just gotten engaged, but Emily wonders if they will turn out like her miserable, divorcing parents. Lily’s developmentally disabled brother, Christopher, can be exasperating. But he has some lessons to teach her, like how to wake up bees. A companion leader’s guide is also available, which includes suggestions for using the stories with groups.

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