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COMING SPRING 2014 . . .

Jonah Wilder just wanted to get through the first day of school without getting expelled for fighting—again. Turns out, he didn’t even get through it alive….

Fortunately, a medical miracle brings him back from the dead. Or does it? Because even after he wakes up, Jonah can still see the creatures he encountered during his journey through the realm of the dead . . . creatures of light, and creatures of shadow.

His mom thinks he’s hallucinating. His Grandpa Z—something of an expert on the afterlife, having been dead himself for several years—assures him he’s not. For his part, Jonah would like to just ignore his new ability to perceive the supernatural: he’s got a science test on Friday, his mom is having toaster-waffle issues, and he’d really rather not freak out the Shakespearean-insult-quoting Quaker girl who is the closest thing to a friend that he has right now.

But ignoring the supernatural becomes impossible when the forces of light and the forces of darkness each begin recruiting him to their side in the battle for the souls of the people he loves—and a few people he hates, like the bully who is his newest enemy.

Jonah has never been afraid of a fight. But this time, the fight will be against the shadows that haunt him—and the Shadow that haunts all of humanity.

Read early drafts

You can read the “writing in progress” version of Angeling and leave your feedback at the links below. New or updated chapters added weekly.

prologue | echo of a song

1 | o brave new world, that has such people in it

2 | welcome to james buchanan regional high school

3 | without death, life wouldn’t be half so precious

4 | over the brink of eternity

5 | dead people don’t wear bellybuttons

6 | welcome to the have it all mall

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