Tabs Block

The Tabs Block is highly customizable with unique tab title settings for spacing, color, icons, and text. You can set up vertical or horizontal tabs, plus there are options to switch to an accordion setup for mobile. Each tab content … Read More

Advanced Heading Block

The Advanced Heading block provides full control for your headings, including font family (all google fonts are available), font weight, font style, font size (with optional tablet and mobile size control), line height, color, letter spacing and alignment. Examples: Huge … Read More


Lets Connect! Nullam aliquam nisi elit, a sodales mauris fringilla sed. Integer nec aliquet metus, id aliquet ligula. Sed at diam tempus, consectetur ligula sit amet, pellentesque quam. Donec volutpat.Nullam aliquam nisi elit, a sodales mauris fringilla sed. Integer nec … Read More

Spacer Divider Block

This simple block gives you optional divider options as well as letting you drag the height where you want. With the divider, you can set color, size, and width. Examples

Icon Block

Choose from over 1500+ SVG icons to add into your page. You can add multiple icons per row. Style the color, background, border and you can even add a link. All icons are added as an SVG so you only … Read More

Advanced Button Block

A powerful way to create buttons in Gutenberg. You can have multiple buttons per line and easily style text size, padding, border radius, border width, color, background, border and hover styles for the color, background, and border.  Examples:

Row / Layout Block

The “Row / Layout” block is the foundation to bringing a more advanced editing experience and options into the Gutenberg Editor. Think of this as your base container when you need any type of special layout or content.  When you … Read More


Why are we reading if not in hope that the writer will magnify and dramatize our days, will illuminate and inspire us with wisdom, courage, and the possibility of meaningfulness, and will press upon our minds the deepest mysteries, so … Read More

The Fascinating Future Life of Anna Q. Fox

A raging blizzard. A mysterious visitor. And the strangest birthday gift ever…the autobiography of her future self. Anna should not open the door for the beautiful woman in black. How many times have her parents warned her against opening the … Read More

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