Welcome to “Team Angeling”!

The concept cover for Angeling
The concept cover for Angeling

If you’re on this page, it’s probably because I asked (and in some cases, begged!) you to review the early drafts of my YA novel, Angeling. Thanks in advance…if, by some miracle, this book actually sees the light of day, then it will have only been with the help of you and the rest of “Team Angeling.”

Because I want to hand-pick early reviewers, I’d ask you to keep this page secret (anyone with the link can get to it). If you’d like to refer people to the great book you’re previewing (and please do!), you can send them to the public page here, where they can sign up to receive e-mails about the Angeling launch.

You can leave general comments about the book in the comments field at the bottom of this page, or more specific comments in the actual documents. The table below contains links to the chapters in Google Docs.

  • Feel free to leave constructive comments. I am especially looking for story-level feedback: consistency, loose ends, effectiveness, etc. Feel free to note obvious copy editing issues, although that’s not my focus at the moment.
  • These drafts will evolve as the project does.
  • These documents are available to anyone who has the link. Please don’t share the link with others without checking with me first.

You all have my e-mail address and phone number should you need it. Thanks again!