Letters in Glass Bottles

A delightful medley of assorted reflections and short essays. I call these “Letters in Glass Bottles” because no reputable publication would ever have them; therefore, I’ve rolled them up, slid them into glass bottles, corked the same, and set them adrift in the vast electronic ocean of the Internet. If they’ve washed onto your shores, dear reader, say a prayer for the poor castaway who authored them.

Mar 252013
The Catholic Worker is a Fool

Anyone who has ever joined the Winona Catholic Worker as a live-in volunteer has inevitably had The Conversation with his or her family and other relatives. With surprisingly few exceptions, the announcement that one is about to join the Catholic Worker sets off alarm bells. But how can we blame them for their furrowed brows and doubtful looks? Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re the brand-new live-in volunteer, breaking the news to your family. Remember the great expectations that your family had for you? Because “you have so much potential,” you know! And now you’re announcing your intentions to […]

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