A fresh new look for Windhovering

You know the old saw about disaster being opportunity in disguise? When my Windhovering portfolio website went down a few months ago, it felt like a disaster…I am diligent about keeping backups, but in this case, the backup was unrecoverable.

It’s a long, tedious, and uninteresting story, so I’ll spare you the details. But over the past few weeks, I’ve begun to see the opportunity in that disaster. (Is “disaster” an overstatement here? Probably so. It feels like a term best reserved for the kind of events that wipe out human lives and communities. So noted.)

In the process of slowly bringing the website back online (fortunately I have all the text and images…whew), I’ve begun to see new opportunities…and intriguing possibilities…in this little project. I won’t share them all now, because I’m still exploring a few pieces, but I can already name three good things to come out of my little online meltdown:

  1. I now have a new website host, which has translated into a much smoother experience for me and a snappier browsing experience for readers.
  2. I’ve upgraded the theme, which in turn has given the website a fresh new look: clean and elegant, I think, and easier to read.
  3. And this beautiful new online space has motivated me to fill it with more words, so I’m reviving my commitment to a once-a-week newsletter. Most weeks, I’ll be sharing news and a short reflection…a note, really. My daily writing practice now includes a 30-minute freewriting warmup; I’ll be posting the best material of the week, as well as sharing updates on works in progress.

Where else will this turn of events lead? We’ll have to see. For now, I leave you with my first “Note,” a reflection on what I’ve come to call the spring of the black thumb.

Come to think of it, maybe my gardening woes are just opportunities in disguise, too. Hmm….

P.S. The website is still “under construction,” as they used to say in the 1990s. Thanks for your patience while I get things back in order.

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