Leaving Ransom

Ransom was so small that the state highway department noted its existence only by the SPEED LIMIT 40 sign on the way into town and the SPEED LIMIT 55 sign on the way out. Lacey was on her way out, … Read More


The crab apple tree was in full bloom, glowing white in the moonlight. Cathy stood underneath it, her small mouth slightly agape as she looked up into a galaxy of blossoms. She was dressed in a pink flannel nightgown and … Read More

Bury Your Dead

THE RIVER FLOWS SOUTH, AND ALL THE FLOWING WATERS OF half a continent run to it—morning dew, whole gray-white fields of melting snow, rain running down rooftops and cascading through the leaves of trees, rivulets in the streets, brooks and … Read More

A Meditation on Standing Still

Any square foot of Earth is worthmore than all the snow-white Moon;why, this spot on which you standis crowded and crammed with the memoryof seeds and stones, blood and bones, birth and breath, and yes, not a little death;and the footprints of … Read More

Axis Mundi

So, if you would be a Saint,by which I mean that S-Tstands stoutly before your name;and miracles multiplylike dandelions springingwild from your incorrupt heart;and your wise eyes stare star-likefrom icons, your head haloedon silver platters of paint;and we remember your … Read More

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